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Interstate Tax Filings (not currently offered)
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What is you Federal Employer ID Number (If you do not currently have a FEIN leave blank and check the box below):
Order a Federal Employer ID Number $50
Initial 2290 (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return) $75
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Registration $75
Kentucky Highway Use (KYU) $75
New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Identification Permit $75
New York Highway Use Tax (HUT) $90 (one vehicle)
Oregon Highway Use Tax Permit $85 (additional bond may be required)
Yes, I would like to sign up for Fuel Tax Reporting Service. I will indicate the number of vehicles below. Includes required quarterly filing of IFTA, KY,NM,NY taxes and monthly filing of OR taxes. $35 Fee per vehicle per month. Fuel tax reporting requires that you submit completed monthly trip sheets (provided by us) and fuel receipts. We will automatically prepare the required filings. Call our Tax Compliance Unit TOLL FREE with any questions: (800) 450-7516.:
List the states you will operate in (if all 48 states, write: "all 48":
What will you be hauling?:
Will you be hauling any hazardous materials? Please specify whether it will be hauled in cargo tanks or packages. Please specify the division and/or class of hazardous material.:
List the vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate or pass number, make of vehicle, number of axles, unloaded weight and gross weight for each vehicle:
If you already have an IFTA Number, please write the number and the name of your bases state:
If you already have a KYU Number, please write the number.:
If you already have a NM Weight Distance Tax Number, please write the number.:
If you already have a New York Highway Use Tax Number, please write the number.:
If you already have a OR Weight Receipt & Tax Identifier Number, please write the number.:
In the prior calendar year, did you file a New York State Highway Use Tax Return (MT-903)? If so, what was the total higway use tax and fuel tax liability?:
What is your USDOT Number (if you do not have one call 888 414 1874):
MC Number (if for-hire):
Are you a private carrier or for-hire carrier?:
What is your IRP Base State?:
What is you IRP Account Number?:
What is your business structure?:
If a corporation, what state are you incorporated in?:
If a corporation, what is the date of incorporation?:
Who is/are the principal(s). Please advise title (i.e. "John Smith, President"):
How did you hear about us?:
YOU MUST CHECK THIS BOX TO PROCEED WITH ORDER: I hereby retain the services of DOTAuthority.com, Inc., a duly filed New York State Corporation (herein after referred to as "Practitioner"). I certify that I am authorizing Practitioner to serve as my representative and file my Application to establish the above-referenced tax accounts on my behalf in exchange for the fee(s) referenced above. I authorize Practitioner to make the above representations. I acknowledge that I remain responsible for compliance with all related federal and state tax laws and regulations. I agree to pay any and all taxes computed by Practitioner and hereby hold Practitioner harmless with respect to any and all compliance related matters that may arise as a result of these filings.
Please enter the three digit security code on the signature panel all the way to the right on the back of your credit card. For Amex, this is a four digit code on the upper right hand corner of the front of your card.:

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Use this form to order various fuel/mileage tax permits and filing services. Call our Tax Compliance Unit TOLL FREE with any questions: (800) 450-7516.