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Motor Carrier Services
Name Image Price    
INTRAstate Authority (operating within a state: not currently offered))   $450.00
Intrastate Household Goods Authority Filing & Representation Service (not currently offered)   $550.00
Process Agent BOC-3 Filing Service   $100.00
Unified Carrier Registration   $0.00
Federal Revocation/Dismissal Representation Service.   $300.00
Intrastate Revocation/Denial Representation Service (not currently offered)   $350.00
Interstate Carrier License Report   $29.99
Decal Set (2 per truck)   $10.00
License Watch Service   $100.00
Hazardous Materials Registration Filing   $425.00
Interstate Authority Do-it-Yourself Manual   $45.00
Federal Name Change Filing Service   $80.00
Federal Address Change Filing Service   $50.00
Consent to Revoke Authority Filing Service   $75.00
INTERSTATE MOTOR CARRIER AUTHORITY (not currently offered)   $700.00
New York City Motor Vehicle Tax Filing Service (discontinued)   $350.00
FREE Factoring Quote   $0.00
FREE Insurance Quote   $0.00
Interstate Authority Information Request   $0.00
Carrier Assistance Plan   $25.00
Interstate Passenger Authority. (not currently offered)   $700.00
Interstate Tax Filings (not currently offered)   $0.00
New Jersey Local Mover Tariff   $750.00
Transfer FMCSA Authority Filing Service (discontinued)   $850.00
Interstate Authority for Mexican Based Carrier (not currently offered)   $700.00
Import Export Startup Guide   $79.99
Get Involved in National Security Join Highway Watch   $0.00
Trucking Success: 1 1/2 Day Motor Carrier Safety Workshop w/ Reasonable Suspicion Training   $750.00
Hours of Service Refresher Seminar   $0.00
Trucking Success: How to Survive a USDOT Safety Audit 1 Day Workshop   $550.00
Safety Audit Survival Manual   $75.00
Trucking Success: How to Make Big Money in Trucking Workshop   $550.00
Trucking Success Information Request   $0.00
Safety Audit Presentation   $25.00
Online Safety Audit Seminar   $0.00